The Importance of a Personal Trainer

There are 5 basic elements to a well-rounded fitness program.  They are aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, stretching, core stability and balance training.  For people who may be new at incorporating physical training in their daily lives, or not new, but not getting the most out of their work-outs, it is important to have sessions with a personal trainer.  A certified personal trainer has been educated in all the 5 elements of a good fitness program.  They can help you get the best out of every movement and reduce the risk of injury.

When doing aerobics, the purpose is to increase your heart rate for a period of time.  It is important to have a professional monitor your progress so you are still challenging yourself but not taking risks to over-extend your heart.

In strength training whether using weights, machines, or any other equipment, a personal trainer can guide you through every movement to achieve the best results.  In this area, it is easy to injure yourself if you are not familiar with whatever apparatus you are using and the most efficient way to utilize it.  

Stretching is of course also important, and if not done properly, can also cause some major injury.  Something you may think is easy to do can cause a pulled or torn muscle that can be very debilitating.

In all of these areas of exercise, there are hundreds of choices that best fit your lifestyle, age and abilities.  Even if you can only use a personal trainer for a short period of time, the investment is well worth it to maximize your work-outs for life.