Super Vitamin D

New studies show that vitamin D is a key substance in fighting cancer.  Cancer of the colon is one of the main cancers vitamin D helps, by destroying cancer cells that could be growing there.  Breast and uterine cancer can also be prevented by the proper amount of D.  Vitamin D lowers inflammations of the body which are what Alzheimer's, M.S. and Parkinson's are caused by.  70% of people diagnosed with Parkinson's have low levels of vitamin D.  Some of the other things it is also good for is brain function, boosts thyroid, fibroimyalgia, muscle pain and fatigue.

     Most of us do not get enough vitamin D.  The main source is by the sun.  People who live north of the southern states are at risk for not getting enough sun to process D in our bodies, especially in the winter months.  Also people with dark skin do not get enough D from sun.  Some food sources high in vitamin D are sun dried shitake mushrooms, milk, yogurt, cheese, salmon, tuna and mackerel.  However, even including these foods in your diet, does not provide enough D.  It is highly recommended you take a supplement of D3 in pill form found in the vitamin section in most stores and should be at least 1000 units per day.  If you think your levels could be low right now, take 2000 units per day for a few months, until your levels are what they should be.  Also, cod liver oil is a good source.  A simple blood test done by your physician can tell what your level of D is.

     If everyone in America had enough vitamin D, it would reduce deaths by 400,000 per year and medical costs by 40 to 50 billion per year.  One pill every days costs you about 10 cents.