Avoid Gaining Weight

 With the holidays coming fast, there also comes our yearly battle to not over-indulge.  Here are some suggestions that might help defeat the usual holiday weight gain. 

When you keep holiday "goodies" such as pies, cookies, fudge and candies out in plain sight, you will snack more often on them.  Instead, put the goodies out of sight and save them for a special treat.  Replace the sweets on your holiday setting with nuts, cinnamon tea, or Fall fruits.

Even though you are busy with holiday planning, don't forget your workouts.  Even if you need to shorten them a little, try to keep on your daily routine.  You can also break up an hour workout slot into 3-20 min. slots when you can fit it in your day.  A brisk walk for 20 min. or lifting weights while watching your favorite tv show can substitute a few lengthy visits to the gym.

Some alcohols, such as beer or red wine, can trigger your appetite hormones and you will want to go back for seconds you may not really need.  White wines like chardonnay or Riesling don't have the hunger-boosting effect as reds.

When eating buffet style, check out the entire spread before starting.  You won't overfill our plate if you see everything first, and see that there might be a healthier choice down the line.  Also, sit away from view of the buffet table if possible, so you won't be tempted by sights or smells after you are already full.

If you have a party or two coming up and you want to splurge a little, cut down on calories the other days.  It is easy to cut corners like skim milk in coffee or vegies for your snacks.

Before going to a party where you know food will be plentiful, eat your own healthy meal at home first so you won't be hungry and want to consume everything there.