Improve Brain Function

Unlike like adolescence, adults use both hemispheres of our brains.  Because of that, we are able to reason better and make better decisions.  Our problem solving skills improve.  We understand ourselves better and our people skills are constantly improving.  We are able to prioritize as we become aware our years on earth are limited.  We have better control over our emotions.  From past experiences, we can better cope with new situations.  However, as we age, our brain's processing system slows down and we loose the ability to recall as easily.  Researchers have recently discovered there are ways to keep our minds as capable as when we were young.  Here are some suggestions to help keep our brains sharp.

     1. Exercise may increase the number of capillaries which helps new cells grow.  Aerobic activity will help you loose weight, plus increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

     2. Tutoring or teaching will develop sharper cognitive skills, which help in problem solving.

     3. Learning a new skill or constantly improving a skill, such as playing an instrument or sport, helps the part of your brain that controls eye-hand coordination. 

     4. Extra pounds can actually shrink you brain.  Overweight adults have and average of 4 percent less brain tissue than normal weight adults.

     5. Taking naps have shown to improve scores on memory tests.  Resting your brain will help it store information in the proper place and leave space for fresh data.

     6. Eat foods high in nutrients vitamin B12, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  These include bananas, kale, tomatoes, blueberries, salmon, brussel sprouts, olive oil, coffee beans, and oranges.

     7. Stay away from chronic stress by surrounding yourself with a large social network of family and friends.

     8. High cholesterol can cause plaque to form and thus inhibit blood flow to the brain.  Exercise and raw nuts can help lower cholesterol.