Stress Relievers

All of us have some kind of stress, some are under more duress, others not so much.  The following are 10 proven ways to get a grip and help regain your serenity.

1.  Breathe Deeply.  When you feel stress, your muscles tense and breathing is fast and short intakes of air.  Stop and inhale through your nose as you count slowly to 5, hold it for another 5 count and exhale for another 5 count through your mouth.  You can do this anywhere and anytime.

2.  Drink water.  Stress tends to dehydrate you an dehydration leads to stress.

3.  Sleep peacefully.  Be sure to get a full night's sleep.  Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.  Keep the bedroom dark and cool.  Of course avoid caffeine and alcohol before going to bed.

4.  Eat nutritiously.  Poor eating habits weaken the immune system and put your body under stress.

5.  Exercise.  Many studies have shown the direct relationship between exercise and and decreased stress.  It gives you the "feel good" hormones in replacement of the stress hormones and eases muscle tension.

6.  Give and receive love.  Having a loving emotional connection with people will decrease the stress hormone, and studies show will help you live happier and longer lives.

7.  Be forgiving.  Letting go of deep resentment will free you to enjoy life, thus healthier relationships and the blessing of inner peace.

8.  Practice gratitude.  Stress thrives of negative thinking.  Focusing on what you have to be grateful for every day will make your life better.

9.  Develop acceptance.  Recognize the things you can't change and let them go.

10.  Develop a relationship with a higher power.  Nourishing your spirituality will help you manage stress experts say.  It helps us feel a sense of purpose and thus we are able to cope with life's unexpected interruptions.