What's Next with Goals

In the last podcast, we set some goals to help us achieve success. We set goals and a plan for the first 30 days. How are things going?  We would love to hear form you so feel free to leave comments and let us know. 

Take time each week to evaluate your plan and make adjustments when necessary. Have you reached your goal early.. great, don’t quit.. increase difficulty. Do you need more time? That’s ok.. readjust your goal, it’s not the end of the world.. the important thing is that you keep this in the front of your mind and take steps each day to continue moving forward. 

Getting Started with Goals - The first 30 days

This is going to be one of my longest podcasts because I believe that this is one of the most important topics we will cover. I could write a whole book on this.. and I may someday. But for today I will try and keep it as easy as possible. If you are listening in the car or on a jog, that’s totally fine but I want you to relisten (making up words again). I want you to relisten when you have some time to sit down and take notes because real transformation happens by taking action. Listening to this podcast will do no good unless you immediately take these tips and apply them to your life. I will have a link to a pdf that you can download and fill out as we go through.

Quest for a Complete Food

Recently I became curious about what foods contain complete essential nutrients we could survive on eating them alone.  Interesting enough, the first food that came up (and continued to come up in other sources) on my internet search was.....

For the full written article, visit our website http://www.activeflicks.com/questforacompletefood

Interview with Shani with Season's Market

Interview Shani with Season's Market. We cover the benefit of using natural and organic products. Her online store will be launching January 2017 and her products are amazing! Check it out in 2017 www.shopseasonsmarket.com!

Season's Market Commercial:

What is Success?

Webster's dictionary defines success as '1.    the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals.'
How do you know if you are successful or what success even looks like to you if you don't have goals? 
If you are brand new to this whole healthy living thing, i think it is important for you to think about this before you start. If you are already on your journey, now would be the perfect opportunity to sit down and really think about what success means to you.

Interview With Chris Who Lost 195 Pounds!

Listen to how Chris transformed his lifestyle after a doctor told him that if he did not lose weight, he was going to die. We talk about the challenges he faced and what he did to change. He gives advice for people that are stuck in a rut and for people that want to encourage someone they love. 

Live On Purpose

This is mentioned in my closing, but what do I actually mean by it? Some of us go through life with very little intention to our actions. We have purpose for work.. to make money. We eat because we are hungry. We sleep because we are tired but not much beyond that. Im not saying to obsess over having a purpose for everything you do and get it all right tomorrow. Like everything else I talk about, this takes time and needs to be handled one step at a time. If you pay more attention to what you are doing and ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing at the time you are doing it.. you will stop wasting time and put more intention to your actions. Let me give an example.

22 Things Skinny People Do Everyday

If you want to be rich, do what rich people do. If you want to be skinny, do what skinny people do. I've been doing this for almost 10 years now and I can confidently say that these are - things that people with lower body fat percentages do every day or at least a most days. Some of these people have crazy schedules and manage thousands of people. If they can do it then so can you. 

Overcoming Excuses

I am taking the top 4 excuses I hear from people that are not living healthy and turn them around. If you’ve been telling yourself one of these, it’s time to make a change.. you will have no more excuse! 
I am here to tell you that you have power over your life. The situation you are in right now, the people you hang out with, your job, your weight... these are all a result of choices you've made in the past. We only get one life and why spend it unhappy? A huge trend I see in people that are overweight is that they blame it on other things. Time, money, genetics, injuries and illnesses… so let’s dig into this a bit deeper.

100 Ways to Lose Weight

This is how it works with health and fitness. We do things the same way over and over again until they became habits and routines. So, why do we thing that we can just turn the switch in our brain and say.. ‘hey, I saw a fit person on TV so I will be fit’ 

Here are 100 things you can do when you are actively paying attention to your activities during the day. If you sign up on our website, you will get a printed version of this for free with a checklist. 

What We Believe In

In the last podcast, I touched on what to look for in a weight loss product or program. Today I want to talk about what we believe in and how you can get results that last. 

We believe in living a heathy lifestyle instead of dieting and fad weight loss programs. Really it's all about science and most of the time that means calories in and calories out. There are some people that may not have the ability to live healthy but most of us do. What I mean by living a healthy lifestyle is having habits and routines that include eating healthy and exercising every day. Almost everybody that creates healthy habits in their every day life, becomes healthy. I think that there are a lot of problems with our industry right now. There are a lot of unethical companies that are selling junk products to make money... and they are making a lot of money because they are really good at selling to you, not because they have a great product. The good news is there are also a lot of people doing it the right way. So how can you tell the difference? 

How to get results that last

I get asked the question a lot ‘there are so many things out there.. diets, workouts, products…how do I know if something is going to work?’ 

It seems like every time we turn around there is a new fitness gimmick that will magically turn you into the dream version of yourself. 

I want to talk a little about this for this podcast and then for the next podcast I ready want to dig deep about what we believe in at ActiveFlicks and how you can get results that last. How you can REALLY be the dream version of yourself. 


Learn about aspartame and other dangerous chemicals in our food. In 1974 the US Food and Drug Administration approved the artificial sweetener, aspartame after a highly contested campaign to keep it out of our food and drinks. It is to this day controversial as critics alleged the approval process was not followed properly and was a conflict of interest (explained below). There are claims of numerous health risks caused by aspartame such as lupus, shooting pains, seizures, headaches, depression, anxiety, brain tumors, vision problems, weight gain, insomnia, tinnitus, memory loss and more.